Jan 25, 2007

Pain pangs

Tears flowed freely from her eyes. It was as if some geyser in the depths of her soul was always ready to spring with the slightest provocation. And provocation it would be - every word he said was like a seismic shock wave that rocked her rather fragile will and drowned her in sorrow. Only later she was to realize that this sorrow, always defined by those outbursts of bitterness, was momentary and would disappear like morning dew with one kind gesture from him.

Jan 4, 2007

Mid week crisis

I am in a mid week crisis... It's 2.41 p.m and after a heavy lunch, an ice cream and no interesting work in sight, what else can I be facing but a crisis?
I have nothing to do... agreed, its the best thing to happen at work place but, I feel guilty. Guilty about making money for an afternoon that is used for blogging away some random thoughts...
How justified is my guilt considering I can throw hundred arguments against 'them' for not providing me enough work? Few will understand and empathize with me on the strain that one goes through while pretending to be busy when your boss walks around. The only comfort I gain in this situation is from the knowledge that even my boss is walking around pretending to be busy..
Even then, why does it make me so uneasy about this?