Aug 31, 2007

Conversation with a TBC

They are exotic.
They are TBC - true blue consultants.

Me: Hey what happened to your transfer plan? Getting your L1visa?
TBC: Kind of...
Me: Oh Yeah? Cool!...
TBC: No, Will be done soon.
Me: Oh, thats great, when is the interview?
TBC: No, the documents are not yet done.
Me: Oh, so have you applied for it?
TBC: No, will do it now, I have to get approval from the boss.
Me: So, have you spoken to him for the final go?
TBC:No, but will be discussing it in a week or so..

Me: Oh! umm.. that's great!...(totally stumped and searching for a change of topic)


Serendipity said...

Lol!!! this was HILARIOUS!!

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