Aug 31, 2007

Conversation with a TBC

They are exotic.
They are TBC - true blue consultants.

Me: Hey what happened to your transfer plan? Getting your L1visa?
TBC: Kind of...
Me: Oh Yeah? Cool!...
TBC: No, Will be done soon.
Me: Oh, thats great, when is the interview?
TBC: No, the documents are not yet done.
Me: Oh, so have you applied for it?
TBC: No, will do it now, I have to get approval from the boss.
Me: So, have you spoken to him for the final go?
TBC:No, but will be discussing it in a week or so..

Me: Oh! umm.. that's great!...(totally stumped and searching for a change of topic)


Lets paint a rainbow..
What say you?
A brand new start,
a blind white curtain,
the canvas unwritten.
With our dreams for tomorrow,
Yes, let's paint a rainbow.

Aug 20, 2007

Foe to Friend

25 Factoids - Now what the heck is that? Since BD did not clearly give any definition, I assume it is a mixture of anything that I want to say.
So, here you go.

1. Hated 'Max' all my life – I can never understand why my net pay is a laughable number where as the numerals quoted to me on the paper looked so grand! What kind of relationship do they share? Linear, inverse, exponential, reverse exponential? (Forgive me for inventing my own one) So if you really want to piss me off, introduce me to some 'hot' male friend of yours who is a mathematics major.

2. Could never muster the will to master music - am afraid, my parents would have joined some asylum if they had to tolerate my nakhras to practice the art (told my boyfriend that I could sing! just to impress him - and, he wasn't fooled for long)

3. My topmostest wish is to be able to fly - just flap my arms and take off... whoooshh... just like that.

4. I am blind as a bat - that is, without my spectacles and of late contact lenses

5. Lately, I have developed an addiction to chips (yes, it is RECENT) - My favourite? Bingo - Mad Angles (God bless FabMall in our office right below my floor)

6. I dream EVERYDAY.. Quite elaborate and very rarely in black and white. And I clearly remember the dream I had when I was in the first standard, officially my first dream.

7. I dislike confrontations - be it at home, work or with friends/foes

8. For a long time, I hoped to be the world's most famous writer. I had not yet learnt reading then! :-)

9. I never, ever miss a chance to notice myself in the mirrors (worse, even glass doors would do) only to be reminded how easily my hair obeys the wind while ignoring all my prayers.

10. As a kid, I thought 'native place' was a mispronunciation - the right word according to me was 'negative place' don’t ask why, I have no clue.

11. I travel for five hours every day between my home and office to spend time in blog browsing, sing-along-a-song, and finding innovative ways of killing time and boredom. Project? What it eeez?

12. Water is my least favourite drink. What I mean to say is... as a daily dose, I drink very less of it.

13. I like tall men. I like short men too, but I LIKE tall men - the best thing about them is that they “appear" not only tall, but also intelligent.

14. I like the smell of rubber shoes - whenever I pass by Bata Shoe stores, I flare my nostrils to the fullest extent (no, I don’t look like a dragon - male or female)

15. I HATE it when someone/anyone calls me on my mobile phone during my nap. Yeah, so do ten million others but, this is supposed to be about me no?

18. Learning the hard way: can be fun when you are learning how to use a demat account for the first time but fatal when you realize you have lost all the money you had. What was I thinking? A game probably, similar to Trade Game (or whatever it is called where you buy and sell cities and ships/planes for fake paper money. It was so much fun.
Forgot to mention, you even get to be a jailbird in that game)

20. Learning the easy way: Inventing excuses that always managed to explain my late appearances in the evening after playing till 9 pm during those 'good-ole-days'

24. I never knew I liked diamonds until, my 'mister' forgot to buy me one.

25. I dislike rains but love pizzas (Did you say what's the connection? Well...some other time)

Surprise surprise, on a rare occasion like this, my nemesis 'Max' ( I have heard even the convent educated gals using it this way) has come to my rescue and I have got all my facts ready - right till the 25th. There!

So, I shall pass this infection to Priya

Aug 16, 2007

Hide and Seek

Location: An unusual evening on the terrace, Gurgaon

Aug 8, 2007


It has never bothered him -
who wakes up in a prison, a gutter or a brand new room
It's the same path in his sight
every morning and in the night
Does he know I am home away from home?

Aug 7, 2007

The lessons learnt...

A team meeting involving the super boss around always reminds me of my college days – more specifically, times during group discussions (GDs). I can draw parallels at every point.

Talking continuously, ignoring what the others are saying and going ahead with one’s point, those points being completely pointless, trying to impress no one in particular and every one at the same time, and redoubling efforts at appearing intelligent at the cost of other’s mistakes – all in the hope that the guy-who-matters noticed the efforts.

Of course, I was talking about the GD that occurs when campus placements are made.
It definitely differs from the one during a project completion in college that is hardly alive with one’s blank stares, doodling in note books and hoping some one else does finishes the work for them. Same goes for internal team meetings.

People (read MBAs) never grow up, do they?