Jan 23, 2008

Technology Glitches

I am not so proud of my incapability in understanding technology. But I dont have to worry too much. I guess I am not so unique in this category and that makes me happy. Considering I am working for an IT company, (though my professional background has no connection to IT whatsoever) I should at least pretend to understand the latest gadgets, the facilities that information technology has made feasible. Recently, a friend of mine had a catchy tune in her mobile which I wanted transferred to mine. She asked if I had Bluetooth in my mobile. I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about Bluetooth, but I have at least heard of the name, and the wonders it does to people in transferring pictures and songs from PC to mobile, vice versa and similar other options. I said I didn’t have it in my phone. She gave me that saintly smile which translated to you-dunce-are-you-for-real type. I had a brainwave just then – I asked her:
“Could you transfer it to Potter’s mobile? He sure has Bluetooth”
“Yeah, sure”
“Ok, I will give you his number; send it to him right now”
“Okay… but, where is he?”
“Where else, in his office”
At this point, she looked up and I swear, what I saw was horror in her eyes. She then struggled to keep a straight face, and slowly said “the mobile has to be within a range of a hundred meters to transfer any data”
And all I could do was smile back at her, thinking “a thousand apologies*

( *a reference to a dialogue by a Punjabi character in the serial ‘Mind Your Language’ whenever he made a stupid mistake; something I had always found quite silly)


Rambler said...

hehhe Rusty.. I am really sorry, but could not control my laughter thinking about your friend's state after listening to you :)

Priya Iyer said...

:) you sound exactly like me. i am just as bad when it comes to modern technology. :(

btw, are u into content writing? just curious. felt that you might be, from your writing style.

RustyNeurons said...

Rambler: I know, I know...

Priya: No dear, I am not into content writing, i am a domain consultant :)

DreamCatcher said...

hey....i know how you feel :) I have a friend who is eqully tech challenged so everytime he buys a new gaget like a cell phone etc., he needs help in figuring it out...there are a lot of us around like that..btw here's a quiz...did you know PDA was more than public display of affection? :p

DreamCatcher said...

domain consultant? wow...which domain...;)?

Dusty Fog said...

hhmmnn....you are one of many belonging to the brood....: )

RustyNeurons said...

DC: He he... Yes, I did know about technical version of PDA - like I said, I would know what it meant - just that. nothing beyond that!
Me in lifesciences domain, but dont go by these fancy names I warn you :)

Dusty: Yes, that's why I am happy :)

"Sunshine" said...

Rusty :-) It happens. In my case worst thing happened. I was listening to Radio and hence attached the radio adopter to cell phone; I turned on the lourdspeaker as I hate to put those head phones. So far so good. meanwhile I tried calling my friend. once,twice. she tried calling me twice. I am unable to hear anything. Wondering what went wrong suddenly ?? Then realized the radio jack was the culprit.
and dear friend encahsed the chance to say "We should buy only those handsets which we can use " :P ..poor me .... :-(

Hari said...

:D Are you for real??!!

Haha. This is really funny! Sorry! :)

RustyNeurons said...

Sunshine: hehe.. that's one reason why I am glad I am not alone!

hari: :( yes..

Bikerdude said...

Dont worry madkobeda ma. Ignorance is bliss, nijvaglu. If you have an unmonitored bluetooth switched on in your phone, it will merrily accept viruses that will merrily crash your phone. Adikke, ivella beda, casette haak theppak koothkond keli, nan thara.


RustyNeurons said...

BD: hmmm.. I guess you are right... moreover, ivaga bere gathi illa allva? :)