Feb 4, 2008

Wicked Magic

As I lay in bed, I saw the sunlight filtering into the room through wide windows – slowly at first, like a hesitant bride stepping into the house. Their warmth slowly seeped into my body.
How easily they bring out the best out of every soul! Even those million atoms in the air that act coy and stay invisible, cannot resist their attraction; a slow dance ensues.
The beams appear tender and fresh, yet strong enough to cleanse the terror of a nightmare.
They are enthusiastic - only they have the permission from millions of sleepyheads world over to enter the bedroom unceremoniously and wake them up from their sweet slumber.
They bounce off the dull walls and brighten up their lives. Like an excited pup, they wander all over the house, bringing a smile on the face.
I let out a sigh of content.
They reassured me that world at large is still safe and filled me with a fresh bout of optimism to look forward to the day ahead.

This morning I looked out of the window and found dirty gray clouds. I thought about the missing sunshine and felt all the more lost.


Rambler said...

One thing to consider is that yesterday can be tomorrow

Dusty Fog said...

you did it again. oh and didn't realise you still stopped by. thank you for your comment. Not sure what it is - simply, completely unable to write.

RustyNeurons said...

rambler: That's a wonderful thought. Yes, I agree to that..

dusty: Try..

Dusty Fog said...

did. not happening....: (

Hari said...

The first time I started reading it, I stopped halfway thinking this was some poetic kind of stunt that you are trying to pull off. But when I read it again, imagining what you have written... simply beautiful.

Have blogrolled you. Had wanted to do that for a long time. But today that Shawshank post stirred me to action! :)

Priya Iyer said...

:) thats the best part of life. going thru cloudy days in the hope that there might be a sunny day tomorrow, and enjoying it when it comes.

Anonymous said...

they keep us going wont they? they give us hope ..imagine how life would be without all that ?

RustyNeurons said...

dusty: ok, leave it for sometime, there will come a day when you feel the itch to write again. :)

hari: thank you sir! I looovvveee the movie :) (now, i dont know what blogrolling is :( do it if it is good! and tell me how to do it.

priya: exactly.. rambler was bang on! :)

sunshine: Very much so! otherwise, what fun is life?

Hari said...

:) Blog roll is no rocket science! You too have done that! Its just adding your favorite blogs so that other people come to know about those sites and the traffic improves.

Bikerdude said...

Aye yenri, I loved the rain these past two days. Rrrrrrajasthann ki rrrregisthaaaan aagbiduthe illandre nam bengluru.

PS: Lovely prose men

RustyNeurons said...

BD: Thanks men!
IF they keep chopping trees on the roadside (like, near windsor manor) what else will happen?

Y'know, you remind me of an old childhood friend who always used the word 'men' after every sentence! :)