Feb 8, 2007

Five point someone

Today has been no exception – the laziness and the worklessness continues. I am so bored that even all this writing is making me fall asleep.

Yesterday I had borrowed ‘Five point someone - Chetan Bhagat' from S – I had promised her I will get the book today. I stayed late till 2 30 pm and finished the book (yeah, I know, that book does not deserve such attention - but it's the lack of time than anything else that made me do it)

The book is a reflection of what its protagonists were – an under performer. In terms of language, quality and entertainment, it deserves just the ‘five point something’ grade. Potter happened to mention something about ‘dude lit’ (similar to ‘chic lit’). Well, every enthu cutlet wants to write a book... me too!!
Apparently some wiseguy mentioned that it’s the age of mediocrity – well, I guess majority rules!

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