Feb 14, 2007

Power that stinks

The link I found in Amit Verma's blog shook me to the core (of course that's no fault of his - the details in the story link under the heading "Good girls do what they are told")
I wonder what kind of brain damage had these managers and their assistants undergone that they helped the man commit such heinous acts on innocent people. Surely they were not thinking about some bravery award or some equally crappy recognition that would come their way? What is so shocking is that the victims (read their colleagues) were not strangers. These were the same people who would have shared a cordial work relationship with the perpetrators.
Another thought creeps into my head - is it some kind of perversity buried deep in humans that without fail they take advantage over the others in a situation that offers them the power to do so. Deep down would every human being want to use an opportunity to enjoy the discomfort of the other without having to feel guilty about it? All these days, I thought it was not the case. Now, I am not so sure.

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