Mar 26, 2007

Magic Number

I had this sneaking suspicion all this while. I have had dreams - pleasant and unpleasant ones on this.
Today was the day of confirmation.
I have reached the magic number - that sticky one which will refuse to let go of me no matter how hard I try (why does this remind me of the melting cheese on a hot pizza? Never mind..)

Shouldn't I be happy? I have joined the ranks of "healthy" people.
Should I be sad? Fifty does not sound so bad...


Prashanth said...

What an interesting blog you have! And a compelling name to boot: chimerical...

And thanks for your kindly words on my post on - 'Eating a peach...' This piece took a lot of rewriting, I built it sort of painstakingly. But unfortunately, now I have to post a caveat on it. Do visit when you find time. You'll know why.

not ravi said...

Liked your blog.
Some profound posts.
The current one is weighty too!

RustyNeurons said...

Thank you Prashanth, Yes, I did check it again and I must say I am all the more impressed!

@Not Ravi:
Thanks! Age not only makes one wiser, but weightier too!

Prashanth said...

Hi. The post you asked about... on my blog, it's up now. Do check and let me know :)

Anonymous said...

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