Mar 29, 2007


Could one be so madly in love that they cannot tolerate the intrusion to the mind space of their beloved, even if the intruder is just a piece of writing?

Written words, I argue, are the most potent, virulent, and the oldest super species on earth that pulsate with life.
They are blessed with immortality. With power that can destroy the strongest establishments. With passion that no human can possess. With feelings that no lover can induce. With energy that could tire the winds. With persistence that shames the waves. With magnetism that can reduce a free soul to a slave.

With the potential to steal away a heart...

With so much at stake, how can one say that it's just the insecurity that makes one ache with envy?


Prashanth said...
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Prashanth said...

Mmmmm. This is strident though deceptively short. Holds more in than out. :) Food, truly, for thought and feeling, I might add.


Just Me said...

Truly there are some writings that can do that to you.

Awake after a period of blissful hibernation :)