Apr 3, 2007

Sunset in GKVK

This is the kind of surprise UAS (also popularly known as GKVK -Gandhi Krishi Vignyan Kendra) will throw at you when you least expect it, like when you are walking around in the sprawling Hebbal campus ...

Who would believe this 202 acre land of peace and tranquility is still part of the same noisy, polluted and suffocatingly overpopulated Bangalore?

P.S : One should excuse the incongruencies in the picture as initial efforts of an amateur.

1 comment:

not ravi said...

On the second look, the HT line and the pylon surely add to the mood of the picture.
The picture makes me long to spend a twilight evening at the place.
Looks like a perfect place to spend an hour or so while anticipating a cozy evening at home with one’s love.
In fact my girl friend had promised me long back that she’d take me to this place.
I’m still waiting.