Apr 16, 2007

The Ugly Red Flame

Had a bad tongue lash with a colleague of mine. It was just for two minutes, but the bitter after effects will definitely last longer. Of course, we made up. I am sure I will forget it by tomorrow cuz I am pretty fond of her, but I am not so sure about her... not because she is insensible, but because she is more sensitive compared to me. Two minutes after the episode, I calmed down only to be in the usual regret mode.

Looking back at the situation, I realized we both felt the other was in the wrong. And even when we were clarifying things, we still felt the same, I am sure of that.

How does one handle such situations?
How does one keep this vicious anger from lifting its enormous head in unexpected situations?
And, how does one manage to maintain the delicate balance between proving oneself right and acknowledging the other's point of view?
Finally, how does one handle guilt after such episodes?

I need some real quick answers before I change from a human to a creature possessed by anger :(


DreamCatcher said...

Don't think about it. If you have apologized, then let it go. More you dwell on it, worse it would be. If you haven't apologized, then there is no harm in doing so now. Apologize not for putting forth your view, but for reacting in a way that you did. Once that's done, its clearly her call. Don't fret.

RustyNeurons said...

Thanks Dreamcatcher, I did apologize, and things almost returned to normal. But like you said, it just wormed its way through my thoughts, bothering me enough to vent it out..

bikerdude said...

Dont worry madkobeda guru. A good screech session resolves a lot of underlying problems. Full sister, mother father and all you should scold nicely and sit off susthly. Evvverything will be allright dont worry ok? ok.

RustyNeurons said...

Aye aye biker sir!