Apr 20, 2007

The Roman Catholic Cemetery, Adugodi

It is strange that a location that is generally synonymous with eeriness, fear, and Stephen King stories in the darkness, magically converts into a place that looks serene, lovely (with all the greenery) and calms me down when I pass by it every morning.


Princess Stefania said...

I've often pondered upon that too.
In the Roman Catholic Graveyard here, there's a grotto in particular that always catches my eye. It has two majestic and beautiful angels standing guard that look so kindly and welcoming by day, but so terribly menacing by night.

Will blogchaat ever feature a
Madonna: Part II ?

RustyNeurons said...

@ Princess stefania
Especially now that Mayflowers are blooming all over in the cemetary, it looks pleasant!

As far as Part II is concerned, me little embarrassed to say that writer's block seems to have grown to a big boulder in me :(

DreamCatcher said...

I pass this road almost daily and it never felt eerie...suprisingly! Even at night I felt only peace..even the above mentioned angels look delicate in their beauty. I remember some one telling me once in jest.."you belong here"