Jun 25, 2007

Thoughtlessness - It's Official

I know, it’s Monday morning. Nobody wants to come early to the office. As I wait for the bus at another location of our office, I wonder how the bus will accommodate these many late comers (that includes me today) There are loads of them – brand new Nike shoes, Esprit bags, oodles of make up and bleached manes.

After two false starts (they were vehicles of other organizations) our bright red office bus appeared. All this while, people were in various stages of trance – blank stares, mobile games, and mumblings on the phone. The red devil seemed to have an invisible power shaking every soul out of slumber. Chaos reigned.

As if propelled by rocket fuel, every employee rushed towards to board the bus that has just one door. There were gentle, not-so-gentle, downright rude pushes and shoves. Made up faces lost their delicate sandals, resulting in high pitched screeches and an outpour of audible curses. Bags were pulled, pushed and some even went through the danger of snapping. The stylish accented English came down to the ugly lashings of Hindi and the vernacular. The cultured men turned to hooligans in spilt of a second sparing no thoughts towards the PYTs they were humoring. Traveling in a BTS bus would have been easier.

I am zapped. Amazed at this sudden turn of the events.
Everybody knew they are heading towards the same destination. They also knew there were limited seats. Despite the rush, most people had to stand since the bus was already full. Is it worth all that commotion? So much of an inconvenience to one and all. Would it not make sense to apply breaks to the enthusiasm one shows in finding that unavailable empty seat?
It appears education and propriety come into picture only in conference rooms, meetings with clients or when one is in a situation favorable to self.


priya said...

I totally understand what you're talkin' about. And what irks me even more is when the bloke who comes last thinks he/she has all the right in the world to occupy a seat when the person who came a full 30 mins before him/her has to wait for the next trip!

All this when you know you might run into those very same people at work! Heights!

And if I dont stop now I'll start a rant of my own! :-(

Bikerdude said...

I suppose all this is easier to understand when we realize that India (esp the North) has always been a land of scarcity- the person at the back of the queue will almost always walk home empty handed.

While this is slowly changing, it will definitely be a while yet before every person waiting for anything (a bus, provisions, movie ticket etc), will get what they want, and only then will queues in India work.

RustyNeurons said...

@ Priya:
Nobody even tries to maintain a queue. I mean, we'll not even make an effort to see if it works.

@ BD:
Sadly, compared to the size of our population the improvements achieved are just marginal.

DreamCatcher said...

Rusty...didn't we originate from errr...apes? Ohh hold on! This would be insulting...to the apes :)