Jun 1, 2007

Ball on the Wall

If I were God, Ok, not necessarily God, at least an Elf I would devise a lovely scheme for all those wonderful people who can’t seem to keep their saliva trapped shut.
How about this? Who ever, irrespective of age, cast, creed, gender, status, or education spits out on the road, the spit instantly bounces back on their face. “Phucchhak.” Not once or twice but every time.
Sounds disgusting? But I am only reminding you of Newton’s 3rd law - nature is governed by the rule “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”
The rubber ball hits the wall.
I love physics!


Priya said...

Hey, since you're anycase wishing for the impossible, why not wish to be a witch! :-) that's cooler than Elf, no? atleast you don't have to fight for your rights like Dobby!

P.S: Assuming you read Harry Potter. If not, well, the above wouldn't have made sense at all!

RustyNeurons said...

But of course! Dobby poor li'l thing..
But I have always assumed witches to be old n ugly :P
Makes sense to be the Elfin princess of LOR!

Prashanth said...

Am completely and totally signing up with you over this noble cause. High time these unruly, mannerless brutes got a taste of their own medicine!

Elf, Fairy, Witch... nah! While these characters have their own pros, I suggest we go for the gory guttural of our own rich mythology: a Yaksha will do nicely, thank you. Put out a scare, right so!

RustyNeurons said...

@ Prashanth:

:) Yakshi - are they pretty??

priya said...

If my memory (and my Malayalam skills) serves me right, a Yakshi can take any form - pretty or ugly or pretty ugly! ;-)

Or if you want a prototype, check out those late night 'Aahat' types horror serials on Sony or Zee or whatisitsname channel - they have a generous helping of ladies-in-white-with-bloodshot-eyes-and-screechy-voices-singing-songs-at-12pm :-)

RustyNeurons said...

@ Priya:
Ugh.... Thank you but no thanks!I am gonna stick with elfin princess then..