Nov 5, 2007

I, Me(me) and My left little toe

Dreamcatcher has been up to some or the other mischief of late. If not, why else would she think of dragging me into this?
But it works for me! Though for all wrong reasons – it has given me a chance to write something/anything, considering how little I have been visiting my own blog.
Meme – I am quite ignorant when it comes to things like these…
However, I am equally open to try it out and see how it turns out in my hands.
So, from one link to the other and another, I kept reading and reading, trying to understand what exactly I have to do. I would not say I understood it quite clearly, but then, has it ever mattered? Looks like the ‘chosen one’ has to put down her/his thoughts on Writing – probably, on good writing.
Of the lot, DC has given the best clarity to this whole thing. So, I shall follow her steps with glee :-)

Why write?
When nothing can cheer me up about myself, writing does the dark chocolate trick. Instant gratification. The moment I finish what I started, I feel good, reaallllllllll good about everything around me. Yes, the fine-tuning process is painstakingly tedious, but that does not really dampen the spirits. I am amazed by the words that tumble out of nowhere to form a wonderful sentence that has the capacity to make or break my day.

When to write?
Anytime is a good time. Having said that, one is gravely mistaken if one thinks I can write at the drop of a hat. I hate to ponder and wander and not write a word. There are times when I really have to struggle hard; this makes me quit immediately. Then there are days, when I can see bright yellow butterflies perched on my writing, flitting from one line to the other.

What to write?
Anything that I can think of, as long as it makes sense: straight, honest, diabolic, twisted inverted, simple – basically, sense in some form or the other. The fun element dies the moment I need to search for a topic, which is why most of the times I am underground in hiding!
One should write what one feels strongly about; emotions, logic, science, fiction, philosophy, anything. Most importantly one should know what one writes about.

Where to write?

Depending on the type of mood I am in, I go headlong into frenzied typing in the middle of an assignment during office hours or peck on the keyboard for eternity at home (if and when PC is available)

How to write?
Write as it comes. Thoughts are tricky little monsters. They suck the life out of you but they fly away laughing at your useless efforts if you think you can handle them later in leisure. There is just one way to hold them: catch them instantly and pin them up on your writing boards.

Who to write for?
Sometime ago, I used to be under this illusion of writing for that someone special. No such silly notions now.
It’s thankfully I, Me and My left little toe!

Do I tag?
After much deliberation, I have decided that I follow the proverb ‘united we stand…’
Hence, two bloggers are going to ensure we don’t fall divided.
So it is your turn Bees…

Bikerdude (you have no option: you get tagged every time I get tagged hahaaaa!)

Backpakker (Have not seen you doing meme/tags/whatever other names – so one super chance to do and get over with!)


Rambler said...

hey glad you chose to do the meme, and even more glad that you choose to write...

RustyNeurons said...

Yeah! it has been really long time!

backpakker said...

thats quite a bit of thinking to do..but will do over the weekend

DreamCatcher said...

Rusty: Thanks for doing this...and as usual the result is fantastic...!! And anything to get you out of hiding!! BTW only two out of the five I tagged have actually written so far...Thanks again :) And please don't stop...

Priya said...

:-) Me is the back! and me is seeing this is a good time - with recent posts and all.

I agree with the 'who to write for' bit - and wonder of wonders, I write for my little left toe too! more to do with the fact that I stubbed it and fractured it recently so I've got a lot of making up to do :-)

backpakker said...

Done maam ! pls to be checking out ..Hope you had a great Deepavali