Nov 12, 2007

Post gorging session

There were three things to cheer about this Deepavali (or Diwali, as more commonly called nowadays and somehow less appreciated.)
*Great food back home, lovingly prepared by mommie dear
*Having Potter around for few days without having to worry about his and my work
*Gifts to be given and received

As the lights faded and I tumbled back to reality, I realized the monotony of our lives – mechanized by work, a crowded city and general listlessness, is all the more highlighted.
Added to the misery is my new found love for sweets. I can not believe I have grown to like these squishy looking halwas, browned burfies and other seemingly unappetizing eatables. Life has not been easy – hiding all those bulges takes a certain amount of efforts, skill and preparation on my part every time I go out.
But, it is not the time to ponder over such depressing things now.

I have more things to worry about than the President of United States – for example, I have to think and strategize about how to counter the magic spell by all those awful sweets on the already weak muscles and growing adipose reserves.
After five days of holiday bliss, the Monday morning is another major hurdle that I will have tackle now. Thankfully, the blow is less painful since the boss is not around yet – allowing me the pleasure of cribbing online.

The one thing I am happy about these festivals and the breaks that come along with them is that they urge me to demand more out of myself. And a purpose to get out of the usual laziness that surrounds life.


Rambler said...

feels nice to see one more person saying "deepavali"
thats how I grew up calling the festival.

deepavali habbada hardika subhashayagalu

Priya said...

how true! esp about the monday and the growing reserves of adipose :-( you sure you're not me? ;-)

yes, I hate Diwali, love Deepavali.. somehow people cant sleep peacefully if they dont murder one more beautiful word in their lives..

happy getting back to the grind! the next festival is only on Dec 25 - long way off!

RustyNeurons said...

Rambler: if you remember, in Kannada diwaaLi actually means 'bankrupt'!! Thats why I hate that word.
and, habbada shubhaashayagaLu nimagoo kooda.:)

Priya: hehe... increasing adipose reserves seems to be a common woe. Dec 25th.. You have no clue how eagerly I am waiting for that!

"SunShine" said...

"Diwali" is a marathi word. Diwa in marathi is equal to "deepa" in kanadda.
just wondering how people can hate some words even w/o knowing the real meaning of it !

RustyNeurons said...

Sunshine, I thought I had clearly mentioned the reason! I very well know that it has different 'meaning' in languages other than kannada. My 'dislike' has to do with the meaning it conveys in the language that I know. I definitely dont prefer to associate a festival with a word that has not-so-pleasant connotation.

backpakker said...

Im just lost in a lazy spell ..and enjoying it for now ..dont know when i will snap out of it

RustyNeurons said...

backpakker: enjoy while it lasts! :) reality does not stay far away

Bikerdude said...

To (mis)quote the very famous Shweta Shetty:

Deewaalee, deewaalee toh deewaalee hai.

(Belated Deepavali PJ)