Feb 26, 2007

Necessary jolts

'Look before you leap' - Cliched, but every word of it is worth the implemention. Life gives us a chance to remember and practice this very often, as I was made aware of. What could be the truth and what we perceive as the truth are two entirely different things - in fact, as separate as a parallel universe.

Feb 22, 2007

On Trolls and travelers

It is 6.50 am and the bleary eyed employees board the company bus one by one in a manner that would befit the robots in a factory. The routine is not something that they enjoy since it involves multiple levels of discomfort. The driver, unmindful of the impact of drudgeries of work on these poor souls, takes perverse pleasure in shaking and waking them to face the sad reality.

The bus moves forward in the manner of a patient whose knee jerk reactions have been tested over and over again. The rattling windows, which have had repeat extensions from retirement, ensure the employees have to carry cotton plugs to keep their hearing capabilities intact. After the multiple stops, the employees hope the speed of travel would increase from the current crawling style. To their dismay, it does, with devastating effects.
The driver honks till the next city can hear him coming and is immediately greeted by thousands of other reciprocating honk addicts. Suddenly, there is a rush of dreadrinaline (the monster equivalent of human adrenaline) in him and he decides his travelers need a dose of suicidal driving. The details of this activity are unnecessary and painful hence, can be summed up as an act that was superbly executed.

Meanwhile our poor employees are trying to sleep and habit enables them to manage it pretty well too. The driver is not going to accept defeat so soon though. Instantly the speakers crackle with cacophonic noises that currently pass off as music. The cackle of radio jockeys makes one's skin crawl and tear apart any defenses that were built in the process of evolution of man to zombie. There are squirms, tired glares and ‘tchtches’ aimed towards the driver who, of course, can neither see nor hear and cares even less.

It indeed, is a bleak situation and one of the Harassed Employees (identified as HE) plans to come back to life and do something about this. So, HE moves ass to reach the driver's seat and requests him to switch off the radio. All HE gets is a stare from the puny monster who continues with his driving. Another act of begging masked as a request towards reducing the volume too gets squashed.
Sudden enlightenment occurs and Harassed Employee decides to call the manager Incharge Transportation (IT). What occurs between them is an encounter that might not happen in the next five hundred years thanks to further evolution of Homo sapiens towards the new species zombo tnutus.
(HE - Harassed Employee, IT - Incharge Transportation)

HE: Hello? Hello? John Peter?

IT: (terribly irritated at having to wake up at 7 am and listening to some alien voice) Speaking! ... Who is this??

HE: John, this is _____________ I am on the way to office now, I am in the bus numbered TP1

IT: So?

HE: See, we have a problem... (The rest of the sentence is completely drowned by the honks and screeches of the bus tyres)

HE: Hello? Hello? (The line has been dead for quite a while)

HE (muttering to himself): Bugger!! sleeping happily while we are getting tossed around here.. (tries calling him again, thankfully gets through the call)

HE: Hello? Sorry the line got cut

IT: No I cut it. What nonsense background noise was that?

HE: Oh that? That was driver Ponnappa trying to take us to heaven. Apparently he got a bulk order this time. See, we have a problem, there is already lot of noise on the road and in the bus, and we can’t sleep.

IT: Then finish your sleep in the office (chuckles at his own 'joke')

HE: Yeah, but we need to reach there first. The reason for calling is, the driver is refusing to... (Again, there is lot of noise of gurgling, cooing and screeching noise - all at the same time, of a decibel level that is guaranteed to provide customer delight in deafness)

HE: (Afraid that he might lose the attention of the troll on the other end, quickly shouts) Hello? Hello? U there?

IT: Stop screaming into my ear! I am very much here... Why are you calling me at this time? Could you not call me once u reached office? (out of habit, says) I am busy, I have lots work

HE: (Surprised) Work? At home? Are you giving driving lessons to your folks? (Hurriedly) Anyways, we can’t sleep coz there is some banshee in the radio howling its head off every now and then...

IT: Then ask the bloody driver to switch it off. You calling me just to tell this?

HE: Well, I called to inform we have a medical emergency - Ponnappa seems to have been affected with a sudden bout of brain degeneration. He does not recognize human voice. When I spoke to him, it just bounced off his head... Also, he seems to have had an attack of temporary and selective blindness - he could see the road but not me.

IT: Oh God! Tell him I told so... (slams the phone down)

HE: (mutters to himself) Ok, I have tried my best and this is great! I love the noise, I love the banshee and I love the monster and his troll master.

HE goes back to renew his sleeping efforts.

Feb 19, 2007


At dawn I set out -
A prisoner of needs trudging towards
an unwanted destination
Blue sky, green trees fail to cheer up the mind
benumbed by grey existence
I look up - the burst of sunshine blinds my eye
The blooms of tabebuia tree make me a butterfly...

Feb 14, 2007

Power that stinks

The link I found in Amit Verma's blog shook me to the core (of course that's no fault of his - the details in the story link under the heading "Good girls do what they are told")
I wonder what kind of brain damage had these managers and their assistants undergone that they helped the man commit such heinous acts on innocent people. Surely they were not thinking about some bravery award or some equally crappy recognition that would come their way? What is so shocking is that the victims (read their colleagues) were not strangers. These were the same people who would have shared a cordial work relationship with the perpetrators.
Another thought creeps into my head - is it some kind of perversity buried deep in humans that without fail they take advantage over the others in a situation that offers them the power to do so. Deep down would every human being want to use an opportunity to enjoy the discomfort of the other without having to feel guilty about it? All these days, I thought it was not the case. Now, I am not so sure.

Feb 13, 2007


On a bright sunday morning
The blue sky from the window beckons..
Sunshine pours in like liquid gold
I stare in amazement - a bright yellow Tabebuia bunch!
How did it find me this high?
I realize life is passing me by...

Feb 9, 2007


I try to sleep,
Black coffeeing me are the happy old memories
But I don't have to fret too much -
I have loneliness accompanying me as such...

Feb 8, 2007

Five point someone

Today has been no exception – the laziness and the worklessness continues. I am so bored that even all this writing is making me fall asleep.

Yesterday I had borrowed ‘Five point someone - Chetan Bhagat' from S – I had promised her I will get the book today. I stayed late till 2 30 pm and finished the book (yeah, I know, that book does not deserve such attention - but it's the lack of time than anything else that made me do it)

The book is a reflection of what its protagonists were – an under performer. In terms of language, quality and entertainment, it deserves just the ‘five point something’ grade. Potter happened to mention something about ‘dude lit’ (similar to ‘chic lit’). Well, every enthu cutlet wants to write a book... me too!!
Apparently some wiseguy mentioned that it’s the age of mediocrity – well, I guess majority rules!

Feb 1, 2007


'Home' actually was part of an apartment building with few trees in the surrounding. The trees were a bonus. She had not expected even a foot width of space between the building and the compound wall. It made all the difference to the ambience.

The house was in the first floor. A small living room leading to an open kitchen, on the other end was a balcony that was surprisingly quite large. There were two bedrooms, each moderately spacious and a small study.
She squealed with delight when she saw the study. She had always wanted a study - it was her secret ambition to have a separate study that also posed as a library and made her feel like a real, serious writer. She could already imagine rows of books in the bookshelves, a writing table and a straight backed chair to help her maintain the right posture. She also wanted to add a reclining chair that would be epitome of comfort while reading her favorite books.
Pulling herself away from those wonderful warm thoughts, she moved about the house, shaking her head in wonder and grinning all the way. The bed rooms had large windows allowing enough light and air. She was really surprised at the ingenuity of the architect to manage all these vital factors despite the minimum area that was available.
The kitchen was a pure delight - an open space that made one feel as though they were not confined to the mundane task of cooking. She knew she would come to love the process of cooking eventually thanks to the space that would set her free.
Walking towards the balcony, she imagined potted plants set skillfully in the balcony that would make her feel good about... well, everything...

Sigh! This is exactly how I want to feel - she thought, as she walked past the half constructed building that looked few light years away from her dream.