Jun 29, 2007


A vacation from the vocation (hopefully not a permanent one)

Jun 26, 2007

I desperately want some cuddling up, a reassurance, a smile that makes me 'smile' in return, a signal that life is not a hell hole. Even as I write this I admonish myself - what hell hole? What is so wrong?
I dont know.
I should not be feeling this way.
The punishment is I am not going to think. Just sit and finish the work I am doing. Push myself into the paragraphs that are impersonal and make sense out of them to justify the education I received.
I am not going to comfort myself. That's what I deserve right now.

Jun 25, 2007

Thoughtlessness - It's Official

I know, it’s Monday morning. Nobody wants to come early to the office. As I wait for the bus at another location of our office, I wonder how the bus will accommodate these many late comers (that includes me today) There are loads of them – brand new Nike shoes, Esprit bags, oodles of make up and bleached manes.

After two false starts (they were vehicles of other organizations) our bright red office bus appeared. All this while, people were in various stages of trance – blank stares, mobile games, and mumblings on the phone. The red devil seemed to have an invisible power shaking every soul out of slumber. Chaos reigned.

As if propelled by rocket fuel, every employee rushed towards to board the bus that has just one door. There were gentle, not-so-gentle, downright rude pushes and shoves. Made up faces lost their delicate sandals, resulting in high pitched screeches and an outpour of audible curses. Bags were pulled, pushed and some even went through the danger of snapping. The stylish accented English came down to the ugly lashings of Hindi and the vernacular. The cultured men turned to hooligans in spilt of a second sparing no thoughts towards the PYTs they were humoring. Traveling in a BTS bus would have been easier.

I am zapped. Amazed at this sudden turn of the events.
Everybody knew they are heading towards the same destination. They also knew there were limited seats. Despite the rush, most people had to stand since the bus was already full. Is it worth all that commotion? So much of an inconvenience to one and all. Would it not make sense to apply breaks to the enthusiasm one shows in finding that unavailable empty seat?
It appears education and propriety come into picture only in conference rooms, meetings with clients or when one is in a situation favorable to self.

Jun 22, 2007

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist - By Mohsin Hamid
I first happened to read about this book here. I was quite impressed with the interview, so I went ahead and bought it. I have mixed feelings about the book.

The book describes the journey of a young Pakistani man into the harsh realities of conformity to a world that is not his own. He slowly grows uncomfortable with his American surroundings, his discomfort further enhanced by the rejection by his lover. The troubles brewing in his homeland make him restless enough to leave the comforts of a plush and prestigious job and return to his homeland. The education and the liberal thinking do not help in handling the unease he feels when it comes to being a part of a minority community. The book touches upon current issues like US interference in world politics, though not in an in-depth manner. The book also focuses on the Pakistan – India relationship when Indian parliament was attacked, but only as an add-on to the already developed story line.

The writing style is simple and does not require extra effort from the reader's part. The story is gripping; I didn’t want to put it down till I reached the end. The portrayal of the main character 'Changez' is convincingly real. The emotions he goes through, be it during his romance with Erica or in the working environment, can be easily identified with. Initially one might feel the depiction of Erica's character a little fatuous (her longing for her dead lover being so overpowering as to shadow her feelings for Changez) but at a later stage one automatically empathizes and connects with the turmoil she goes through.

The book is written in first person, which is all right, but the setting, where the listener is addressed in the book (an American who is visiting Pakistan) is never involved in the scene, looks pretty artificial. I mean, imagine telling your life story (which is quite eventful and long) continuously without a break. Here is a total stranger (a Pakistani, who with his long beard which looks pretty menacing) who is insisting on spending more time with you in this unknown place where fear is the norm, would you not be fidgeting and itching to get out after half an hour? Yes, there are instances where the narrator acknowledges the listener's discomfort, still it does not sound very convincing.
Overall, a decent book to read up on a weekend.

Jun 20, 2007

There she goes...

In the middle of the week, you get a chance to get out of the office at 2 30pm. Without raising any one's eyebrows. And go shopping with your family that is here on vacation.

Peace and overflowing joy.

Jun 15, 2007

Cozy Coorg

A first time weekend visit to Coorg is an exhilarating experience, especially if you have your own vehicle to drive around. Traveling to this place with cousins whose idea of fun matches yours, is the icing on the cake. A few pics to tell at least half the tale. As to the other half, shh.. not to be asking!!
Abbey Falls was a sheer disappointment with middle aged men with their bulging potbellies trying to act cool in the chilling waters. They would climb up the slippery stones around and shout in triumph urging their families to take pictures. Looked like Himalayas would take a beating here. (thankfully not captured here - of course, it was quite a feat to avoid them in the shot!)

Raja seat truly provided the chance to enjoy the beauty of the valley and the surrounding blue hills.

Of course, it was pretty clear that the rain god had decided to make it difficult

A disguised sunset - if one can call it that way!

Jun 12, 2007


The brain - a disused sponge drying out in the sun.

Jun 4, 2007

Sunset at Malpe Beach

A peaceful sunset with riot of colors and clouds – the luxury I missed the most when I was in Chennai... And now, in Bangalore.

P.S: My camera battery betrayed me just when the sun decided to give us a feast. So, that essentially explains the lack of colors!
Location: Malpe Beach, Udupi, Karnataka.

Jun 1, 2007

Ball on the Wall

If I were God, Ok, not necessarily God, at least an Elf I would devise a lovely scheme for all those wonderful people who can’t seem to keep their saliva trapped shut.
How about this? Who ever, irrespective of age, cast, creed, gender, status, or education spits out on the road, the spit instantly bounces back on their face. “Phucchhak.” Not once or twice but every time.
Sounds disgusting? But I am only reminding you of Newton’s 3rd law - nature is governed by the rule “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”
The rubber ball hits the wall.
I love physics!